Landfill Cell Three Project

On April 18, 2023 the Franklin County Board of Supervisors received bids for constructing Cell Three of the Franklin County Landfill. Staff began planning in early 2022 and advertised for bids on March 13th of 2023. The Board received four bids and, in the end, awarded the bid to Kanawha Stone, a construction company based in West Virginia.

Construction on Cell Three, or phase of the Landfill, began on June 12, 2023. The current Franklin County Landfill (SWP-577) will consist of 6 cells that will serve the residents of Franklin County until 2050 or beyond. Cell three will be an approximately 8-acre plot once it is completed, and this, along with the remainder of Cell one and two, will provide refuse disposal until approximately 2034.

Landfill staff are recording the progress of the new landfill construction, and we provide videos here for the residents of Franklin County.

Preparing for Re-mobilization

Drone Videos - Landfill Cell 3