What are recommendations made to the Franklin County Building Inspection Department?

The Franklin County Building Inspections Department recommends that:

  1. All work should be made by contractors licensed in the State of Virginia. The specification on the license must match the work that is being contracted. (i.e. A Building Contractor, BLD is not licensed to do Electrical Contracting; An ELE specification would be required.)
  2. The contractor’s license should be verified through DPOR’s contractor data base.
  3. Job references should be required of contractors and inquiries to those references should be made, prior to hiring a contractor.
  4. Plans should be provided, reviewed, and distributed among the owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and other workers so that the project is constructed as designed.
  5. All change orders should be signed, dated, and documented in accordance with Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation requirements. Find the Board for Contractors Regulations that can be downloaded.

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