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Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it. - Author Unknown

Need a helping hand? Need to finish your education? Need a job? We are here to help you! At The Franklin Center we strive to help you finish school or just take classes to become more skilled. We hold classes here through many venues and have free events also. Success is something that we strive for every day here at The Franklin Center. 

Featured Success Story - Andy Truster

Image of Andy TrusterFranklin County Adult & Career Education is SO EXCITED to announce that our student, Andy Truster, passed his official GED Social Studies assessment!! Andy is a student who attends class consistently and he is working toward his learning goals. When he earned a passing score on his GED READY assessment in January (for the Tobacco Region waiver), he thought about where he wanted to take the official GED test. In the past, Andy had taken an official  GED® subject assessment at a test facility outside of Franklin County. He wished he could take the test closer to his home in Rocky Mount. Our program had just gotten set up to offer the Online Proctored  GED®  Test in Rocky Mount at The Franklin Center.  Andy was excited for this opportunity! He volunteered to be the first person to take the Online Proctored GED Test here! Through three challenging weeks of facing various technical difficulties and having to change the assessment times and dates due to weather delays, he was finally able to take the assessment.  Upon completion of his test, Andy said, "That was really cool!! I liked being able to do the test here!" We are so glad that there is an Online Proctored GED option for our students! Andy will continue to work with his instructor to pursue his learning goals. He said he looks forward to taking and passing another subject test soon!  CONGRATULATIONS, Andy!!! We are so proud of you!

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