Proud to Serve the Citizens of Franklin County, VA

Swift Water Rescue

In 2007, the county of Franklin was looking to begin the process of creating a Whitewater Park on the Pigg River. In preparation of the safety needs that would need to be met, Public Safety proactively began the process to create a Swift Water Rescue Team.

We started the team with 12 members, mostly made up of Public Safety career staff. We began training on the New River during the summer of 2007. By fall 2007 we had 12 certified Basic SWT members.

Today, we have a 16 member team, 1 Motor Boat, 1 Paddle Raft, and a SWT Trailer/River Command Unit.

Our team also partners with the other regional Swift Water Teams to provide a more efficient and resourceful team during emergencies.

If you're interested in joining the Franklin County Swift Water Team, contact Patrick Meeks at 540-483-3091 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..