The Knox Box Entry System Program is an effort by the Franklin County Public Safety to provide property owners within Franklin County, Virginia a secure system that provides rapid, nondestructive, emergency access to commercial buildings.

What is a Knox Box?

A Knox Box is a secure key vault that is installed on the exterior of a building near the main entrance. This box contains building keys to provide access for the fire department in emergency situations. The fire department maintains master keys for the Knox boxes in secure locations.

Is the Knox Box required?

Yes, for new commercial structures and on existing commercial buildings a Knox Box is not required to be installed in Franklin County, Virginia. However, commercial buildings where access is restricted can cause delays for the fire department to gain access either by forcible entry tactics or by waiting for a key holder. Many businesses in the area have had Knox Boxes installed on their buildings.

Where can I buy a Knox Box?

Knox Box devices may only be purchased through Franklin County Public Safety, Fire Marshal’s office.

Where do I install the Knox Box at?

Knox Boxes shall be mounted as near as possible to the primary entry door and shall not be visually obstructed. This normally will be the main entrance door to the business. The box should not be located further than six (6) feet laterally from the door. The Knox Box should be installed no higher than five (5) feet or no lower than two (2) feet above the ground or walk area. The Knox Box for a gate shall be located on the gate or on a fence or wall within six (6) feet of the gate.

How do I secure my keys inside the box?

Keys to exterior doors, interior doors, electrical and mechanical rooms, and elevator keys are normally kept on one (1) ring inside the Knox Box. After the Knox Box is installed, the owner or their designee must contact the Franklin County Public Safety Fire Marshal’s Office at 540-483-3091 to schedule an appointment to secure the keys and lock the Knox box.